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Gathering all who believe that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable rights

If it is a done deal that the federal government will illegally defer the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants ostensibly to shore up a voter base for Democrats, then we better be ready to deal with that fact proactively.

As Founder and President of American Universe, I launched a citizens' task force, called Operation True American today, which will rally Americans to band together in an organized effort to locate and educate these new immigrants in the history and virtues of the American founding principles.

Operation True American will recruit organizers in all states and territories to further our mission. I will personally speak to their audiences to help launch the Operation and make sure that we do not waver, we do not hesitate, and we do not give up until every person who needs to learn about Americanism has had a chance to become acquainted with the very keys to life, liberty, prosperity and happiness.

Whining and blaming our totally discredited elected officials will not solve the problem and asking the federal government to act is just as useless. It is up to you and I to fix this problem and fixing it we will!

If Democrats are so heartless that they want to bring these poor people into the U.S. without any plans to allow them to assimilate into American society, but keeping them as Democrat voting-cows to be milked for their votes when needed, then we will step up to the plate and liberate them from Democrat labor camps and plantations by educating them in the truth of this nation.

We will work hard to make them part of our American Universe and freely breathe in the oxygen of the atmosphere of liberty!

There is nothing, I repeat, nothing that dispels the intentions of totalitarians better than Americanism. Teaching them about the U.S. founding, its principles and how to live and practice them, will turn them against Democrat-socialist thought and into prosperous and productive Republican voters.

Teaching anyone True Americanism cannot be equalled as the ultimate demonstration of love toward one's neighbor.

I urge you all to join the American Universe, if you have not done so yet, and Register as a member, which is free, so that we can get organized and help them become True Americans.

Millions of our youth are also drifting aimlessly in the fog of socialism, yearning for leadership. Operation True American will provide that and we will do so now.


Every single person, at conception, is endowed with three inaliable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

These rights can only be restrained, denied, or oppressed by outside forces, which almost always come in the form of a government that believes any unfettered practice of these rights will be a danger to itself.

If inalienable rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are innate to each person, it stands to reason, then, that all the people of the world are, at conception, True Americans, in the ideological sense. Read Full Article

It appears as if the U.S. military has now become an instrument in the hands of the tyrannical components within government by overtly outlawing Christian and Jewish religion in the military.

The military should be totally agnostic to the religious convictions of its members, being bound together with a common bond founded on the purpose, goals and interests of its Sovereign: this nation.

Those who are of no particular religious conviction, have the right to comfort and sustenance of their choice with similar liberties that are afforded to the religious minded soldiers. Read Full Article

History shows us that "government" would of necessity pursue tyranny and where the people's liberty to individually think and act was never free to begin with, such as was the case in the Pre-American era, the only way in which oppressions could be removed was by large scale bloodshed.

Those people who are at the levers of control of "government" appear to willingly, even gleefully, transform from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde depending whether they enter the daylight of citizenship or the darkness of government.


Will the U.S. Elect A Black President Again?


With the total absence of background checking and vetting of the first black U.S. president because he happens to be a Democrat, and the lynching of conservative black candidates for any office, by Democrats, will future black presidencies be doomed to fail for reasons that have nothing to do with their character?


Why Are We Not Waking Up?


The President expressed his sympathy for the family of Trayvon Martin. We do, too.

But, that expresson of condolences was spiked with a toxic message: The black people of America should be given a pass when laws are broken and other Americans should be blamed for it.

Injecting himself into this matter by entering through the skin-color door, is not a trivial matter for a President to do. It has major implications and is an earth-shattering announcement of the heading that this captain of the American ship is steering.


Are There Any Braves Left In Congress?


When a politician; no, an elected official; eh, no, a member of Congress; no, no, no, when the Speaker of the House of Representatives -- that's who it was -- says, you have to pass the bill to find out what is in it, there should have been a riot in the sacred halls of government against such a blatant violation of her oath of office.


Rubio a Trojan Horse?

First comes the legalization.
Then come the measures to secure the border.

What happened in the inner chambers of wheeling and dealing in Washington? How is it possible that someone, who was so adamant that the border should be secured first before anything else is implemented, could now promote legalization first? What happened in the "re-education" camps in D.C.?


Exposing The Crime of Abortion

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Nico is explaining the four pillars on which pro-abortionists base their case:

  1. A fetus is an unviable blob of tissue.
  2. A woman has the right to choose.
  3. Abortion in the case of rape or incest.
  4. Abortion when the life or health of the mother is in danger.

Since 1973 when abortion was legalized, 50 million Americans have been killed in the womb purely because being alive was an inconvenience.

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Holding Politicians Accountable


It is a very simple model: Politicians who campaign for votes must consider their promises, to convince the electorate to vote for them, to be of the same value as currency obtained by means of a contract. Misrepresenting or unilaterally changing the terms of the contract should carry the same weight that a breach of contract carries involving real money.

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Margaret Thatcher - A Tribute


Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who served as prime minister for more than 11 years, the longest in the history of Britain and also as the first and only woman British prime minister, has died at the age of 87.

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Why Are We Called American Universe?


We are called American Universe because the term American refers to those who practice Americanism. We are called Universe because Americans at heart are found everywhere in the world. True Americans are not necessarily those who live in the geographical United States but those who are loyal to the Founding Principles that made this nation great.

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What Are Opportunities?


Opportunities are not physical things. They are within people who look at circumstances and see the opportunities that are embedded within circumstances. Some see opportunities everywhere, others may see nothing. When immovable obstacles prohibit one from pursuing opportunities, one may be subject to some form of oppression.

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An Open Letter From Our President


Instead of just promoting our virtues, which is largely neutralized by the media and ignored by politicians, American Universe's mission is to be the sword of the nation ...


What does Membership mean?

2013.03.16  |  Nico van Niekerk

Listen to podcasts of previous American Universe radio shows where Nico van Niekerk tells it like it is in his quest to translate, consolidate, and educate people about the virtues of individual liberty.

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As the sharp end of the arrow, it is necessary that members vote on matters that affect elected officials. However, to prevent mob rule, American Universe will not interfere, put pressure on, or intimidate elected officials while doing their jobs.

It is only when elected officials violate their oath of office, violate those principles which they have pledged to uphold, and break their campaign promises that your vote will be called for and then your vote must be verifiable and accountable. Non-members will not be able to participate in many AU activities. Become a member

Current registration allows full privileges of the current scope of the site and signing up is free. As we develop the scope of involvement of members, we will communicate our findings to you for your consideration.